Works on Paper

Marvelli Gallery, New York
June 10 – September 27, 2003

Marvelli Gallery is pleased to present Works on Paper, a group exhibition of works on paper or synthetic materials by Andrea Frank, Guy Hindley, Kurt Lightner, Tim Maxwell, Dean Smith and Nicolas Touron. For some of these artists, this exhibition represents their first gallery exposure.

Nicolas Touron’s small drawings are delicately executed autobiographical meditations. They display a powerful simplicity and a lyrical, almost literary, approach to storytelling. Dean Smith’s obsessive drawings, built through the repetition of small marks, display a refined restraint in compositions saturated with dynamic energy and unexpected textural qualities.

In his abstract collages on mylar, Kurt Lightner creates beautifully layered works that combine abstract and organic forms in complex spatial relationships. Playing with the translucent quality of the materials and colors, he emphasizes the lightness and transparency of his compositions. Andrea Frank’s melancholic watercolors of trees, animals and children portray a recurring motif of vulnerability and death. Exquisitely executed in a muted monochromatic palette, these watercolors attest to a sensibility attuned to the darker aspects of our existence.

Deriving his visual language from the tattoo canon, Tim Maxwell’s large drawings play on the double level of mesmerizing close-ups and energetic compositions, combining fantastic shapes and elaborate details to create iconic images. While Guy Hindley’s drawings on mylar display a compulsive accumulation of lines that chronicle different periods of his life through an original abstract language.