Hybrid Topographies – Encounters from Latin America

60 Wall Gallery, Deutsche Bank
February 12 – May 14, 2018

Hybrid Topographies presents contemporary artists from Latin America who share an engagement with the landscape, whether urban or rural. The works on view weave a multiplicity of narratives that stem from a place of encounters as a means to understand the other and as potential sites for change and transformation. The agency of artists is at play in works ranging from Claudia Andujar’s documentation of the Yanomami people of the Amazon to Jesús “Bubu” Negrón’s use of the marimbula, a percussion instrument from the Caribbean, as a tool for community building.

Central to the artist’s practice is a strong interest in history, the legacy of colonialism and a quest for their roots. Combining both new and historical sources and materials, the artists employ hybridity not only as a conceptual framework but also as a way to blur the boundaries across different media to address questions of identity, invisibility and otherness. Artists like Carlos Castro Arias, William Cordova and María Elvira Escallón bring symbols from the past into the present, collapsing temporalities to signal the cultural hybridity and diversity of Latin America’s people, and a modern vernacular forged by shared co-existence.

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